Technology is best when it brings people together.
Nepal's emerging IT Company.

We start with workshops where our teams get to meet in person and discuss requirements for the project. Once we agree on the scope of work, we assemble a unit of engineers and designers to act as your team’s extension.

we are developers in nepalgunj for developing world class services and offer the prices that no other software / tech company could compete. Our digital services and expertise helps us to boost the service all around Nepal. Creating website is not a one cut fit all size thing, we need to process all the clients requirements and should come up with more robust, fast and exclusive digital services that no other company could match their pricing, products and services with us. We provide all the digital assistance we can to our client atmost in personal level, so no corner would left in doubt.

Quality and services of web as well as software production is what we more focus and we could counsel new comer to enjoy the flexibility so that they could feel free to advise on design and technology. Having said that technology barrier are the key that no other software company could counsel client on. The best part, you get a combination of human talent who are certified and experienced to manage your project.